Logo Gene URL: https://domainnamegene.com/logo-gene/

Below is the list of tool to use for building Logo Gen, a logo generator.

1. Bootstrap

Logo Gene uses bootstrap for layout

Link: https://getbootstrap.com/

2. html2canvas

html2canvas by Niklas von Hertzen

We use this to draw the html element to the canvas image.

Link: https://html2canvas.hertzen.com/

3. FileSaver.js

We use FileSaver.js to save canvas image create from step 2 to PNG type image.

Link: https://github.com/eligrey/FileSaver.js/

4. Google Font

We use Google Font as the main font in the logo generated

Link: https://fonts.google.com/

5. Jquery

We use Jquery to control all lot of function of the feature of logo generator such as select color, change text logo, change icon text.

Jquery is a feature-rich JavaScript library

Link: https://jquery.com/

6. angularjs

We use angularjs script to insert icon text and logo text to the logo

Link: https://angularjs.org/

Website Theme

Template designed by Dsathemes

Link: https://dsathemes.com

Dummy Image:

We use Dummy image for image sharing to social networks(facebook image open graph and twitter card large image)

It’s used in meta tag HTML for social media networks.

Link: https://dummyimage.com/