Website Name

Our Website name is Domain Name Gene

Domain Name

Our domain name is with full URL:

Why we build this website?

We build this website because we want to help the website owner have a nice domain name that works for their website?

How long do we take for designing this website?

We have built serverals of projects before we create Domain Name Gene. It about 6 projects and all the previous projects do not meet our requires. So we have figure out new technique to build Domain Name Gene.

It take around 6 months for planning and designing Domain Name Gene.

About our technique.

What does technology we use to build this website?

We are inspired by some related words projects on around the web.

What’re the related words?

The related words are the words that related to the original word that you provide to the software.

We have based on the that build a simple function that detect the string that you send to our search input field.

Our Business

Our missions that have the designers, website, blog owners have a greate chance to choose a nice domain name for their business.